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Finest Aeration Service In Fruitvale, CO

Do you want to give your lawn a high-level treatment but don’t know where to begin? Many people do not even consider aeration for smaller residential lawns, but it is a service that can and should be used to help any lawn that is struggling to get a lush green appearance. Just north of E Road in Mesa County is the small community of Fruitvale, but even the smallest lawns in the smallest communities should be treated with the finest lawn care services. Lush Green Landscapes is here to help by offering you the best aeration service in Fruitvale! 

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Rainer Thomas
Rainer Thomas
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The best guys around between LA and NY!!!
James Kelly
James Kelly
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Lush Green Landscapes has a fantastic team. All of our conversations were by phone, never onsite. The work was accomplished as planned/desired. Unforeseen bumps in the road were addressed and the desired outcome was accomplished. They did two jobs for us plus semi annual maintenance. You don't have to worry. the work gets done.
Terry Ross
Terry Ross
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The crew that showed up to work on our lawn was very professional and well spoken. They did a very good job. They even gave my dogs a treat.

Core Aeration

The main goal of our core aeration service is to maximize the nutrition that your lawn receives in order to give your yard the lushest, greenest grass in Fruitvale. The process of aeration involves removing plugs of thatch buildup and soil from your lawn, which leave behind tiny holes in your lawn that serve multiple functions. The plugs we remove from your lawn can be left on top of your turf, and they will quickly decompose and be reabsorbed by the soil for added nutrients. This process can give your lawn thicker grass, stronger roots, softer soil, and a number of other benefits. See below to discover just a few of the reasons why people choose to aerate and the ways aeration can help each situation:


Less Compacted Soil/Standing Water – Do you ever see pools of water on top of your turf after rainfall or a scheduled watering? Lawns that receive a lot of heavy foot traffic can quickly become hard and compacted, making it difficult for water to drain properly. The holes created by the aeration process allow your lawn to decompress and allow water to drain. As a result of a less compacted and better-draining lawn, you will see softer, hydrated, and healthy overall soil in your yard. This also helps prevent pests from invading your yard, as many pests are attracted to the effects of standing water on your lawn. Check out our pest control service if you find yourself needing even more defense against infestations.


Better Nutritional Intake – There is no better way to get nutrients down deep to the roots of your lawn than by taking advantage of the best core aeration in Fruitvale! The process gives direct access for nutrients to travel down to the roots of your grass where it can be most effective. Natural nutrients found in the soil, as well as nutrients found in fertilizers, need to be able to be absorbed in order to improve the health of your grass, and this service ensures maximum absorption. Ask us how our fertilization and weed control service can improve your lawn when used with aeration.

Increased Airflow – Your lawn is alive and needs to breathe. One of the most basic functions of our core aeration process is to improve air exchange between the roots of your lawn and the environment around them. More air being able to flow through your lawn means lusher and greener grass for your yard!

When To Aerate Your Lawn

Frequency of aeration is subjective to the needs of each lawn. Smaller to medium-sized lawns that are not often walked on could benefit from aeration annually. Lawns that are frequently used as an entertainment space are constantly dealing with the weight and pressure of the bodies on top of them, which results in compacted soil that could benefit from aeration twice a year. Some lawns have a naturally heavy subsoil, and those types of lawns could also be aerated twice a year. If you manage a large commercial property that gets constant and excessive foot traffic, you may want to consider aerating that lawn as many as 5 times per year.

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